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13 March 2010

American Idol Top 12 Shock

Poor Alex Lambert! The mulleted timid, sweet, southern kampung boy did not make to the Top 12 American Idol Season 9..huhuhu… My prediction was all wrong. Looks like my halwa telinga does not have the same frequency with the AI voters or else…they all ni pun sama bingai dengan voters AF hahaha…. Anyway, this is the reality of a reality show. Sometimes people tend to choose popularity over talent. Maybe Alex shyness, stiffness, not-so-confident look did not help him much to win the voters’ hearts.
alex The mulleted Alex Lambert with unique voice
But surprisingly, many also shared the same thought that this kiddo should not be eliminated so early. Not at this Top 12 stage. Should be given more weeks to build up his confidence coz he has so much potential. Many agree that his voice is unique and distinctive. 
Alex’s supporters  comments 
Again, this is a reality show, it is. Lots of surprises. Who knows..maybe a big recording contract is waiting for him out there. Good luck Alex!
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